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Pátek, 21. únor, 2014
My condolences to all the bereaved and the friends.
Čtvrtek, 20. únor, 2014
Civic associations White lion looking for the collaborators to your team.
Pondělí, 20. leden, 2014
Línské airport organized on 23 - 24th August 2014 International Airshow. On display will be various types of aircraft and rich program.

More information can be found on the official website.

White Lion

White Lion is a civic association, which was launched its activity in May 2012. This civic association aims, through the organization and operation of educational and cultural, educational events, to transmit young generation values and heritage as the Czech nation we have. Playful an adventure programs, themed events, meetings, concerts, etc., we familiarize youth with the history of our nation, the Czech personalities and the representatives of our country. It also aims to protect the enfironment, we support the athletic ability and natural lifestyle.


If You program the association White Lion and our activities like, You can contact us support your help, ideas or material or financial resources so that the performance and programming of the association was varied as before for.

We look forward to working with you.

Our account number: 253 726 942/ 0300  ČSOB - Poštovní spořitelna